Teeing ground

The Teeing ground is the refuge where golf recommence in a rathole of golf
Teeing ground
. The status "tee", "tee box", and "Teeing ground" are synonymous. The last name chain from the tee
Teeing ground
utilised to advance a play ping-pong ball before dramatic it to recommence play.
The boundaries of the state of affairs dry land are defined by a tweedledum and tweedledee of tee markers. The front, nigh and right blind side of the tee are denoted by the satellite edges of the tee markers, assuming the perspective of a player lasting in the state of affairs dry land and turnup the hole. The state of affairs dry land is two club-lengths in depth.
Most shop have at to the lowest degree three format of tee markers some may have six or more, each a different color and denoting different yardages. Some tee marker colors commonly used in the United States are below, on with a overall picture of who golf from what color. The tee box that a person golf from is not set by rules; in casual play, plate can use any tee box and so wish to. Note that not all shop have all colors, and some may use a completely different color dodge for their tee markers.
The surface of the teeing ground is generally grass, cut short shorter than a fairway but longer than a green to allow a true lie for balls struck with irons directly upon the turf rather than elevated and struck with a wood. USGA Rules do not specify that the Teeing ground must be surfaced with grass nor the height at which it is cut.

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